I am so happy that you dropped by! I have always been deeply drawn to stories - my house is filled with books, and as a child it was not uncommon to find bits of paper tucked in random places, with words and phrases that I had scribbled across their open spaces. These days, I enjoy discovering most stories visually through my lens. People captivate me. It is a true joy for me to get to know individuals and families. I believe that both the small and large moments in our life are meant to be celebrated, and so my approach is to capture meaningful images that elicit real emotion.  This means drawing out the expressions and emotions that best tell your own story.  I fully embrace natural light and prefer relaxed but thoughtful posing.  You will find that my editing reflects this clean and minimal approach.

Please take awhile to enjoy perusing the stories shared here, and then contact me so that we can start dreaming of the best setting to celebrate your own story! I look forward to meeting you.

Much joy!


{Angela Parris, Stillpoint Photography}